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The Atlantes Promise: Outstanding Rehabilitation Care

At The Atlantes, we understand the physical and emotional stresses of the rehabilitation process. Our professional staff helps guide our guests to recovery through comprehensive care plans, superior service and a soothing environment.

Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Our Atlantes team focuses on the maximum physical recovery for each of our guests. Effective cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation requires holistic knowledge of both the guest’s physical condition and treatment requirements.

At The Atlantes, our recovery center professionals take the time to understand both factors completely. We develop personalized rehabilitation, diet and fitness programs to help our guests recover from a heart attack, bypass surgery, acute congestive heart failure, or other cardiac or respiratory-related illness. Along with our soothing resort environment, we guide, strengthen and encourage our guests on their road to recovery.


Cosmetic Surgery Recuperation


To aid recovery, we believe in the healing powers of rest and stress-free comfort. That’s why we offer comfortable private rooms in a resort-like setting. The soothing environment of The Atlantes, along with our superior care, provides total healing of the mind and body.

Along with the referring physician, we help create a plan of care tailored to meet each guest’s individual needs. Our nursing professionals – all trained in post-operative recovery – provide 24-care care for plastic and cosmetic surgery recuperation.

Neurological Rehabilitation

At The Atlantes, we understand the unique physical and emotional challenges our guests and their loved ones face because of brain injuries. Tumors, trauma, disease or stroke can often trigger significant changes in language, memory, thinking, behavior and personality.

To help our guests and family, we hand-select our neurological rehabilitation professionals for their innate ability to provide comfort, strength and guidance. Our rehabilitation approach of specialized medical management, nursing and therapy services in a soothing environment helps maximize guest outcomes.


Orthopedic Joint Rehabilitation


We all understand the painful process of recovering from joint replacement surgery. However, our patient-centered services help guests turn away from the pain and lean into the healing. We tailor our rehabilitation programs to promote an independent lifestyle through the recovery of strength, mobility, endurance, flexibility and daily activities.

Our treatment center is fully equipped with a therapeutic pool and state-of-the-art therapy room, staffed by dedicated physical therapy specialists and nurses who stay on the therapeutic forefront through continuous ongoing education.

Outpatient Therapy

While we’re renowned for superior inpatient rehabilitation care, we also offer outpatient physical, occupational and speech therapy.

For effective therapy sessions with caring professionals, call us 513-399-6225 to schedule an initial appointment.


Post-Acute Transitional Care


When our guests have short-term recovery needs following hospital stays, The Atlantes rehab staff is ready to help. We work with referring physicians to develop and follow through on individual plans of care.

The Wellness Program at The Atlantes helps each guest live out a healthy lifestyle through nutrition, fitness and coping strategies. We also invite our guests to fully participate with our physical, occupational and speech therapists in the planning process for their successful transition back home.

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